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Art Status

Commissions open stamp  by kakarotcakes Art Trades Closed Stamp  by kakarotcakes Requests closed stamp  by kakarotcakes
Remember: 100:points: = $1.00
Points only cuz no paypal just yet.
Also, please don't rush me. I reserve the right to decline your commission (or raise the prices) if you do not use the commission form while ordering for one, or for rushing me. Please be respectful thank you
How to request a commission:
 Please check my point commission status before commissioning me. 
My art status journal can be found here: Art Status
UsernameType of commission (e.g lineart commission, full colored etc.)CharactersDesired pose/sceneBackground (if any)Character references (note that I only accept visual references;
ART TRADES CLOSED::EDIT:: Closing these for now til I finish all the ones I've accepted ><; sorry
NOTE: Commissions are still open here: 
Felt like making a journal about it since..idk I guess a lot of you dont check my Art status journal? (And I'm bored so why the heck not)
Same Rules apply as per my Commissions journal:
-NO rushing me to get my part of the AT done! And remember I have a life outside of dA too, plus doing commissions and sometimes also I wanna just do my own thing (I'm not a machine that only just pops out art for other people I have to be able to draw my own stuff too) If you do rush me I may just forget about your request and not do it.
-It doesn't matter to me your art level. (Whether your a beginner or around the same level of art I'm at, if you're worried about doing your half but feel I might not like it cuz its 'bad' I'm REALLY not that picky.) All that matters to me is that you actually tried and put some effort into your half
Wanna do fusion? CLOSEDCuz I need to get out of this art slump/block I'm having so... wanna do some random fusion drawings I guess.(I'll possibly do both a possible potara fusion design and a fusion dance one as well.) Might only be flat colored or full colored depending on the design. Also might take up to maybe...5 people I guess? (for now and maybe in the future I'll do more if this goes well ^^")
Rules are you link me one of your ocs and one of mine and Ill work on what they'd look fused together. (only taking humanoid male or female ocs)
you can choose any of mine here: 
non-fandom: (cuz Yolo) :dummy:
EDIT: Doubling up on slots since this is going away fast ^^"
EDIT: Opning this again since I have one last request left to do soo ye xD (And this is kinda fun~<3)
Valentine Themed Requests (OPEN)Everyone: B-But Shad! I thought your requests were closed permanently D:
Shadow(Me): yes but general ones are closed ^^; It doesnt make sense to have requests open along with my commissions open at the same time so ye. Sides I can still open random themed requests from time to time every now and then, and I wanted to do something nice for my watchers sooo<3
Anyways,thats right folks I'm opening up Valentine styled requests until the 14th ^^;
Only taking up to maybe 5 slots at a time?
Rules are the same as my commissions meaning NO NSFW or hentai
//Meaning do NOT ask me to draw straight up porn for you cuz I won't do it//
Also don't rush me (this is free art after all)
//these will also be in the 'fake screenshot' style maybe OwO
Kinda like these:

(But..ya know with couple drawings instead of.. yeah xD But you get the idea haha)
//cuz I wanna practice on bac


What days do you work on art?
Not on weekends and usually on weekdays ^^ Mondays thru friday. Saturday and Sundays im too busy so thats also my downtime. (I also upload anywhere between 1 to 3 arts a day if I really am in my art zone and I have a lot of inspirations otherwise its 1 or 2 a day)

Do you take requests?
Nope, they're closed permanently. (except themed requests but I'll only open those on MY terms.)
1. "This is mean!"
Want to know what I consider mean? People who want me to work for free. Not everyone can draw, just as not every person can build a house. Material costs aside, you pay people for their time. I hate this double standard for artists. An artist deserves to be paid for their hard work and time. Anything less is an insult.
2. "I do requests!"
Okay. I don't really care if you do them or not.
3. "You'll be way more popular if you re-opened them!"
So you're only watching me hoping you'll get free art? Yeah.. No.
4."As a watcher/friend/acquintence/my right as a human being/whatever...I reserve my right to get free art from you!! This isn't fair!"
Yeah well I reserve my right as the actual artist who works my butt off on my drawings reserve MYright to refuse to work for free with either little to no gratitude.

What order do you upload if you have owed work?
I usually upload by order of importance. (Commissions usually almost always comes first, especially if you already paid. Followed by Art Trades if you've done your part already.) with my own stuff sandwiched between them or I
work on my own art here and there, with requests or gifts for people coming dead last on my mental to do list. Only time I'll break this order is if someones been waiting a long time I might do their next depending on my moods. I also always do things in order starting from the first requester/commissioner/whatever to whoever is last on my list.

Friends (in no order)


Mah Sempais ;w; ~<3


Shadows Features

DBZ Features


up to 2 characters only 
pay here for this commission 
Group/Family/fighting Sequence
For more than 4 characters *Highest limit is 8*

For the fight Sequences up to 5 like the above example

Pay here for this commission
Fake Screenshot
Pay Here! if you ordered for this commission 
Sketchy colored commissions
Pay Here! if you ordered for this commission 
monochrome/manga style
Pay Here! if you ordered for this commission 
Pay Here! if you ordered for this commission 
Single Character fullbody/render
Pay Here! if you ordered for this commission 


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7,533 / 100,000
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If you need some go to dAhub

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How did you discover me? (stolen from Mimi-Diggz) 

19 deviants said Through your artwork
14 deviants said Through someone elses' page
5 deviants said fave bombs? XD (i mean like I probably fave bombed you or something and ye xD)
4 deviants said Comment?
2 deviants said Word of mouth/Suggesstions
No deviants said dAhub


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